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What is included in the workshop?

- Four day workshop with Mathieu Asselin, Sergio Valenzuela Escobedo.
- One pre-workshop Skype conversation with the tutors.
- Access to materials/printing during the workshop.
- The possibility to share your project in a public artist talk in Bodø (optional).
- Your work displayed and promoted on a tailor made website after the workshop has ended (optional)
- Lunch provided throughout the duration of the workshop.
- Entry to a meet and greet evening with industry professionals from Europe and Norway.
- Free entry to program seminar, including international speakers.
- Entry to the private view of the NOUA program exhibition.


Do I have to apply with a project?
Yes. You should be working on a long-term project that you wish to develop in the workshop. The project can be in its early stages, or close to finished, but the important thing is that you have something that you want to develop further. Make sure to explain about where in the process you are in the application, and in particular what the end result for the project is (ie a photobook, an exhibition etc), and what areas you would like assistance with during the workshop.

You are welcome to apply with a proposal for a project that is not made yet, you can do so by including images from previous projects. However, please note that you will be expected to have produced a set of images from the proposed project by the time the workshop starts in June.


What is not included in the fee?
Travel, accommodation, food (lunch is included) and personal insurance is not included in the fee.


What disciplines are accepted in the workshop?
We welcome lens based disciplines, or other mediums using photography as the main practice. This includes professionals working within the fields of documentary, art and conceptual photography etc. We welcome projects that touch upon themes of war/conflict, politics, social anthropology, history/documentation, the archive, economy, current affairs, migration, society, technology, science etc  - no topics are excluded, however think carefully if your project fits into the workshop's ideology.


Who can apply for the workshop?
The workshop is aimed at professional artists/photographers, established or emerging. Citizens from all nationalities and backgrounds are welcome to apply (do note that you will need to cover the costs of travel to Bodø, Norway). For participants requiring a visa to enter Norway, it will be the artist's own responsibility to take all necessary steps to secure a visa into the country. (NOUA is able to provide letters of recommendation for artists upon request).


Are duos welcome to apply?
Yes. However, if selected, both participants will have to pay the workshop fee individually.


What is the selection process?
The participants will be chosen by a panel including Mathieu Asselin, Sergio Valenzuela Escobedo and the owners of NOUA. Applications will be judged on motivation as well as quality of the project/work, bearing in mind any plans for final presentation of work.


What is the application timeline?

Open Call : 1. December 2019 - 1. February 2020
Deadline for applications : 1. February 2020
Selected participants announced : Mid/end February 2020

We advise you to apply as early as possible. This will allow for us to contact you in case there is any problem with your submission. No corrections or updates will be allowed after the deadline. There will be no extension to the deadline. 


Is there a fee to apply?
No, it is free on enter.


Cost of the workshop
There is a workshop fee of EUR 450 for chosen participants.


Travel and accommodation
Bodø is a small city situated just above the Arctic circle. Bodø is an up and coming centre for culture and visual arts and has been announced the European Capital of Culture 2024. You can fly SAS or Norwegian from most European cities, with a stopover in Oslo airport. There is also direct trains (10 hours) from Trondheim for those who prefer a more scenic route.

There is a variety of accommodation options in Bodø from AirBnb, hotels and hostels (read separate section of Visit.)

Nordland Culture Centre has available rooms (single/double, shared kitchen and bathroom) with special prices for workshop participants : 3500 NOK for single room and 5250 NOK for double room (31. May - 6. June). Please note that the Culture Centre is located around 20 min walk from the city centre where the workshop is being held.