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Save the dates! Together with curator Francesca Marcaccio we have put together a program of exciting seminars, talks, exhibition, publication, workshop and more. We now welcome you all to visit NOUA and Bodø and to take part in the events together with international artists, speakers and writers.

The main events will be held 4.-7. June 2020, detailed program to be revealed in the new year.

For the 2020 program, we aim to give the participating audience an opportunity to reflect on the ultimate power that artists have in presenting us with different realities, and to move the audience’s attention towards new perceptions in the way we navigate  documented, historical material and public archives.

The theme of the program will focus on how documentation and archives are changeable and open to interpretation through the curator’s or artist’s interventions. The program will address issues of photography, official and documented history, individual relations to memory and history, concepts of manipulation, authenticity and authorship.

Artists and art theorists are invited to discuss their own practices and experiences around the use of archives to contextualize the topic and question the reality or truth of historical events. Total list of participators will be revealed early 2020.